Hi! I’m Donloyn. I know. My name is very different. But, so am I. Let me help you out a bit. It’s pronounced Da-lonrhymes with salon.

I’m an author, prophetic artist, creator, Christ follower, wife and mother of eight. I am also the founder and creator of Birthing Hope.

This isn’t your typical author/artist website. Much like me, it’s different. It’s unique.

Truly accepting and loving my uniqueness has been a lifelong journey. As a young girl, I longed to have a different name…a normal name, one that anyone could easily pronounce. I stood out. In every way…I stood out. I didn’t realize the beauty in that then.

Over time, I have become more confident in my one-of-a-kindness. Not only am I able to accept myself, but also celebrate the special individual I am. On occasion, as with anyone, feelings of uncertainty arise. But that’s why I’m here–To finally assign meaning to my name and encourage you to do the same.

You see, Donloyn.com isn’t just about me. It’s not just where I share my creativity and voice. It’s not just another writer/author website.

It’s also about you. It’s about inspiring you. It’s about encouraging you to celebrate your own originality, to share your own voice, to step out from behind your own mask, to walk in your own courage.

Donloyn.com is my place. It’s where I belong. It’s a space all my own. It’s home.

I’m glad you’re here…You’re always welcome!


Wishing you Inspiration, Creativity & Voice,