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Catching Fireflies

a 7 Step Poetic Guide to Capturing Glimmers of Hope

Hope is a firefly…a glimmer of light in the dark! Have you ever gone out on dark summer’s night in search of fireflies? Do you recall the hope-filled expectation you felt as you sat quietly in the night looking for tiny sparks of light? This same principle can be applied to the dark times of our lives. The hearts of many women are filled with hopelessness and despair. Whether a result of personal circumstances or the world around them, women are losing hope. As a result, they are becoming heartsick. But there is good news! When our days are at their darkest those are the moments we should be running after hope! That hope is the firefly! The glimmer of light in the darkness. The majestic glow in what appears to be a darkened forest of despair. By drawing parallels between hope and the firefly, Donloyn LeDuff Gadson, shows the reader how to find light and hope in seasons of darkness. Through teachings, shared stories, poetry, and journal prompts Catching Fireflies takes women on a 7-step poetic journey to capturing glimmers of hope! If you have been struggling with hopelessness, then grab your jar! It’s the perfect time for Catching Fireflies!

Consecration in the Chrysalis

8 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Transformation Breakthrough and New Beginnings

You have a divine calling on your life. Whether you realize it or not, the creation God designed you to become is longing to be released. At times, there are hindrances to becoming…Ceilings and lids preventing the manifestation of God’s promises. God wants to give you the insight you need to unlock these promises. These insights are locked away in the secret place of the chrysalis. But you hold the keys! You hold the keys to smash these barriers! Consecration and the power of prayer and fasting in the secret place are barrier breaking keys! They are transformative! They usher you to the door of breakthrough and watch as you take flight into your new beginning.
Are you feeling stuck and held back? Do you feel God’s pull on your life, but you can’t seem to breakthrough? Is God is calling you to more, but you’re not sure what? Then this 8-day fast is for you! Enter into the secret place with The LORD. Transformation, Breakthrough and New Beginnings await!

The Belief in Wings

Evolving from Self-doubt to Personal Power

Every young girl should be told of the power she possesses and should be encouraged to set out on a personal quest to uncover it. Inspired by the author’s own journey and metamorphosis, The Belief in Wings is an interactive personal development book designed to give teen girls the skills necessary to evolve from self-doubt to personal power and fly to unimaginable heights. By drawing creative parallels between the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly and the transition from teen to young woman, author Donloyn LeDuff Gadson beautifully escorts girls on a three-part journey through voice, courage and power to a place of believing. With elements of the author’s personal story carefully woven between shared wisdom, compassionate poetry and journal reflections, this book is a must-have companion for all teen girls.