Episode 11: A Brave & Bold You | A Conversation with Kristin Carver Smith Released: March 17, 2021

In our society, a lot of emphasis is placed on self-empowerment, personal development, inspiration, and motivation. Be it via books, podcasts, conferences, or life & business coaches, we are flooded with messages that encourage us to push back against fear. Even the Word of God tells us not to live in fear. In fact, there are 365 biblical references that either state or support the message, “Do not be afraid.” That is ONE reminder for EACH day of the year.

And yet, we continue to live small, cower down, hide behind walls & comfort zones, and even allow circumstances or individuals to keep us caged and confined.

We are coming against that today. With 2 weapons…Brave & Bold.
I passionately believe that practicing the art of being both Brave and Bold is how you weaponize your Voice against fear. It is also how you leverage the power of your voice in the world.

Joining me in the chrysalis today is Kristin Carver Smith.
Kristin is a PR strategist and the CEO & Founder of The New Fashioned Co. She has spent the last decade helping clients across a variety of industries–including sports, entertainment & lifestyle, music, publishing, logistics & supply chain, nonprofits & for-profits– She has helped these clients develop business strategies, communication plans and campaigns that produce winning results.

Her clients have appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s TODAY, FOX News, CNN, CBS News and in Good Housekeeping, Sports Illustrated, Redbook, and USA Today, just to name a few.

Kristin is passionate about coaxing bold ideas and brave voices to come out from hiding. And I cannot think of anyone better to nourish our wings tonight.

Join us as we discuss “A Brave & Bold You!”

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