Hi! I’m Donloyn. I know. My name is very different. But, so am I. Let me help you out a bit. It’s pronounced Da-lon…it rhymes with salon.

I’m an author, artist, Christ follower, wife, and mother of eight. I am a Butterfly lover and host of The Chrysalis Experience podcast.

I am passionate about Voice. And that passion lies at the heart of what I do. Through words and images, I help women understand the power of their voices so they can believe, become and birth greatness!

Your voice is your identity and Voice is Powerful! That means you have a dynamic force on the inside of you!

God created you for greatness, and that greatness must be shared with the world.

Together, let’s cultivate that greatness. Let’s harness that power and use it responsibly to affect meaningful change in our lives as well as the lives of those around us!

Standing, walking, and flying in the power of your voice requires hope, faith, belief, love and courage. It also requires stomping out lies that come from ugly culprits like fear, doubt, anxiety and shame. Together, we will dive deeply into these concepts so we can achieve breakthrough and become all we were designed to be!

This isn’t your typical author/artist website. Much like me, it’s different. It’s unique. It’s an expression of my voice…it’s one of the ways in which I show up in the world.

Truly acknowledging and understanding the power of my voice has been a lifelong journey…one that required accepting and loving my uniqueness.

And after much healing, I have a clearer understanding of what it takes to

  • Believe in the power of my voice;
  • Become what God created me to be,
  • and Birth greatness into the world!

And now my goal is to inspire you to do the same. I want to encourage you to celebrate your own originality, to share your own voice and strengthen your wings.

Butterfly, your Voice is powerful! It’s what gives your wings lift!

And I want to see you transform, emerge, and Take Flight!


In a world full of moths…Be A Butterfly!