I Love Voice!

and here’s why

Butterfly, you have a dynamic force on the inside of you! That force is your voice…it’s is your identity, and Voice is Powerful!

God created you for greatness, and that greatness must be shared with the world.

Together, let’s cultivate that greatness. Let’s harness that power and use it responsibly to affect meaningful change in our lives as well as the lives of those around us!

Standing, walking, and flying in the power of your voice requires hope, faith, belief, love and courage. It also requires stomping out lies that come from ugly culprits like fear, doubt, anxiety and shame. Together, we will dive deeply into these concepts so we can achieve breakthrough and become all we were designed to be!

This isn’t your typical author/artist website. Much like me, it’s different. It’s unique. It’s an expression of my voice…it’s one of the ways in which I show up in the world.

Truly acknowledging and understanding the power of my voice has been a lifelong journey…one that required accepting and loving my uniqueness.

And after much healing, I have a clearer understanding of what it takes to:

And now my goal is to inspire you to do the same. I want to encourage you to celebrate your own originality, to share your own voice, and to strengthen your wings.

Butterfly, your Voice is powerful! It’s what gives your wings lift!

And I want to see you transform, emerge, and Take Flight!

Some fun things

~I’m Louisiana French Creole and love to cook foods from my culture for others.

~I collect butterflies, inspirational coffee mugs, and brooches. It’s borderline addiction!

~I am obsessed with journals and notebooks. There’s something special about writing down your thoughts, ideas, and stories…the words spring to life!

~I love a great bookstore, and nothing compares to a great read on paper! In a time where folks are reading books on their devices or listening to an audio selection, I say give me those crisp, bound, ink-scented pages any day!

~I was a firefighter and worked as an armed security officer on my off days. I studied martial arts for many years, too. I’m just a tough girl who likes to dress up and smell good! Did I mention I love perfume?!

~It is my dream to write and direct for the big screen…so keep your eye out!

Meet My Family!

Just look at this beautiful bunch!

That’s me in the center! Gray hair, big smile!
To the right of me, my wonderful husband Aastan.
And the rest of these gorgeous faces…our EIGHT, amazing children!
Brandon, Noah, Lauryn, John-Paul & Allen-Michael,
Thomas, and Kourtney & Chloe!
We have 4 singles and 2 sets of twins.
And before you ask, YES! I gave birth to them all!

It is my greatest joy to be the wife and mother of this crew.
It’s no wonder I’m smiling. God has truly blessed me!