Donloyn LeDuff Gadson

Author, Artist, Creator, Storyteller & Champion of Voice

Donloyn LeDuff Gadson is an author and artist whose body of work reflects intense themes of identity, inner clarity and self-discovery. She is a visionary dedicated to crafting stories through written words and artistic images. As a passionate encourager who believes all writings mirror some element of the author’s personal narrative, she is certain that an artist’s greatest strength comes from vulnerability and transparency. In keeping with that belief, her debut book, The Belief in Wings, released in November 2016, is a three-part, personal development book designed to escort the reader from a place of self-doubt to one of personal power.

Donloyn is driven to motivate, empower and inspire her audiences. Resulting from her own life experiences, her mission is to use her voice to positively impact the lives of others. She actively fulfills this mission not only through her writings and artwork but also by sharing her story and wisdom with others. Donloyn has been a featured speaker at numerous events and regularly conducts workshops and discussions on creative writing, voice and vision. She is also a former continuing education instructor for Trident Technical College’s Teen University and Kids’ College summer programs where she taught creative writing classes.

Donloyn began her professional writing career as a columnist and freelance writer, writing for both local and national publications. She is also an award-winning blogger but now focuses solely on book projects. In January 2019, Donloyn released her sophomore book entitled Consecration in the Chrysalis: 8 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Transformation, Breakthrough and New Beginnings, and in September of 2020, her third title, Catching Fireflies:a 7 Step Poetic Guide to Capturing Glimmers of Hope.

Donloyn is also a skilled pencil artist who is often commissioned for pencil portraits, illustrations, and prophetic pieces. Her artwork has been highlighted in Artist Portfolio Magazine.

Donloyn is the former mom columnist for Lowcountry Parent Magazine and was featured regularly on Lowcountry Live WCIV Channel 4 for her monthly segment entitled Keeping Up With the Crazy where she shared lifestyle and parenting tips and advice with Lowcountry families.

Donloyn lives in Johns Island, SC with her husband Aastan and their 8 children. She is dedicated to God and her family and has a heart for helping and serving others.