Episode 8: Finding Your Confidence | A Conversation with Denise Meggett || Released: February 24, 2021

Hello Beautiful Butterflies!

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Chrysalis Experience!

Have you ever struggled with your confidence or found yourself in a situation that challenged your personal esteem and self-worth?

In this episode, I open up about a post-miscarriage issue that has been wreaking havoc on my confidence over the last few months.

My guest today is Denise Meggett. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Consultant. She is an author, speaker, blogger, and founder of Encouraging Words by Denise and Spectrum Wellness Co. where she encourages restoration of wholeness in the lives of women through physical wellness.

Having lost over 100 pounds after grappling with self-hate and insecurity, Denise’s understands how it feels to wrestle with confidence.

Denise also has a new online course entitled “Finding Your Confidence” that will be available on February 28th, 2021.

This conversation is sure to be powerful, transparent and transformational.

Please join us as we discuss “Finding Your Confidence!”

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