Episode 5: Loving the Girl Within | A Conversation with Shelly Crowell || Released: 2-3-2021

Hello Butterfly! And welcome to Episode 5 of The Chrysalis Experience!

Learning to love yourself can be hard. That’s because the lack of self-love often stems from childhood trauma or situations that alter one’s perception of identity and voice.

My guest today endured painful attacks against her voice that resulted in her struggling with not only loving herself, but also with seeing herself.

Shelly Crowell is a mother, grandmother, author, speaker, and registered nurse. She is also a survivor of child abuse, molestation, domestic violence, and rape.

Shelly’s mission is to help others on their road to self-care and love through advocacy, empowerment, and encouragement.

Please join us in the chrysalis as we discuss “Loving the Girl Within.”

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