Reinventing You: Part ONE

Episode 1: Reinventing You: Part ONE | A Conversation with Laura Hunt || Released: January 6, 2021

Hello Butterflies! Welcome to Episode ONE of my newly branded podcast…The Chrysalis Experience!

We went through a lot in 2020! Heck, we’re still going through it!

Going through challenges and hardships can leave you feeling drained and disconnected. Have you ever felt fragmented? Like you weren’t whole…like you weren’t presenting the best version of yourself?

Have you ever felt like you just needed to rebrand, restyle, and REINVENT yourself?

I have!

Joining me in the chrysalis today is wardrobe stylist and fashion, marketing, and branding expert, Laura Hunt.

In this episode, we discuss the process and importance of reinventing and rebranding yourself in order to uncover the most authentic version of you.

The process of reinvention is a journey to self, and that journey requires that change take place on both the interior and exterior. In part one of this two-part discussion, we tackle the inner work. And that inner work involves processing conflict and being self-aware.

Tune in as we discuss part one of “Reinventing You.”

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