Episode 2: Reinventing You: Part TWO | A Conversation with Laura Hunt || Released: January 13, 2021

Hello Butterflies!

Welcome to Episode #2 of The Chrysalis Experience!

Finding, cultivating, and presenting a REVIVED and authentic version of yourself to the world is both an inside AND outside job.

Last week, wardrobe stylist and fashion and branding expert Laura Hunt shared the approach she uses to address the internal issues (mental, emotional, spiritual) when it comes to not only restyling her clients, but also when it comes to reinventing herself.

She and I discussed topics like Self-Awareness and Conflict and how sometimes reinventing yourself simply boils down to uncovering and discovering new facets of self.

***If you didn’t catch it, go back and listen here: 

Well, this week Laura is in the Chrysalis with me again! And we are discussing the external! Things like body types, colors, and fashion rules (HINT: Rule #1…Forget the rules!). Your look speaks volumes, and it should be an accurate representation of who you are. And it should bring you joy!

Laura discusses the importance of addressing the external and gives us tips and tricks on how to bring your transformation full circle!

Tune in as we discuss part two of “Reinventing You.”

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