Episode 4: The Power Within | A Conversation with Andrea “Marlena” Estrella || Released: January 27, 2021

2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER, love and a sound mind.”

My guest today is Andrea Estrella. And that spirit of fear waged war against her in her youth and attempted to steal her voice and devour her wings.

At the age of 5, Andrea and her siblings were abandoned by their mother. Left in a small shack in Colombia, they were emaciated and close to death before authorities found them. Eventually, Andrea and her siblings were adopted by an American couple. This would seem to be where her hardships would end, but sadly, they were just beginning. Andrea, whose birth name is Marlena, endured torture and abuse at the hands of her adoptive mother and father. And things spiraled out of control.

As a result of her battles, Andrea learned that each of us possesses greatness and, she tapped into the spirit of Power that God placed on the inside of her. Through the telling of her story, she encourages other women to do the same.

Today, Andrea is a mother, an Empowered & Purposeful Life Coach, a transformational speaker, and author of the book “Whatever It Takes: You Have Greatness in You.”

Please join us in The Chrysalis as we discuss “The Power Within.”

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