Episode 3: The Responsibility of Voice | A Conversation with Mahoganee Amiger || Released: January 20, 2021

Hello, Butterflies! And welcome to episode 3 of The Chrysalis Experience.

These podcast conversations are all about helping you understand and operate in the greatness of your voice.

Ladies, Voice is powerful. And with that power comes great responsibility.

We are living in times where we see the gross misuse of voice daily. And we see it on all levels. Societal, political, personal, relational, social, and racial, just to name a few.

And I cannot think of anyone better to speak with us about the Responsibility of Voice than renowned vocalist, recording artist, songwriter, and youth educator-mentor, Mahoganëë Amiger.

Mahoganëë has been in the business of voice for over 29 years. The credits to her name are impressive. Listen to what one critic says of her:

“If Womanism had a soundtrack, then she would be a featured artist. Her musical stylings embody the spirit of this concept – vocals that are tender and yet powerful; a fiercely original artist with the ability to passionately interpret the greats from Nina to Natalie; a talented trustee of the art for past, present and future generations. Hearing her live can take you on a global journey through space and time, all the while keeping you intimately connected to your own understanding of the pure joy and pain that is music. Sensual, inspirational, memorable – Mahoganee.”

Her music is stunning. Two of my personal favorites are “My Only Hope” and “Black Butterfly.”

In addition to being a gifted vocalist, Mahoganëë is also deeply involved in social and community work through her organization Responsible Artistry, Inc. where she and her husband honor their obligation to cultivate the creative minds of young people through camps, programs, workshops, and classes.

The depth of her passion and character is inspiring.

Please join us as we discuss “The Responsibility of Voice.”

For more about Mahoganëë visit https://www.mahoganee.com/ or https://responsibleartistry.org

You can also watch on YouTube!