inspiring voice.
strengthening wings.

Just a Butterfly Girl inspiring the world...
One word, One Drawing, One Creation at a time!

Author . Artist . Creator.
Storyteller & Champion of Voice!


Hey, Butterfly!
I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Donloyn LeDuff Gadson.
I am an author, artist, creator, storyteller, and champion of voice. I am also a lover of all things Butterfly!

It is my mission to inspire you to believe in the power of your voice and the strength of your wings!

My heart is for inspiration. Through words and images, I craft stories designed to inspire. Stories that breathe life and healing into the deep places of the soul.

Butterfly, if I can guide you to an intimate place of healing and transformation, then I can excite and empower you to Believe, Become and Birth greatness. That’s true inspiration. Inspiration is powerful!

So hang out with me for a while! I want to help you boldly, bravely, and confidently fly in your greatness so your unique voice can make a difference in this world!

My 3 Published Acts of Courage

“If we had to say what writing is, we would have to define it essentially as an act of courage.”
~Cynthia Ozick, American short story writer, novelist, and essayist

The Belief in Wings

Evolving from Self-doubt to Personal Power

Consecration in the Chrysalis

8 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Transformation, Breakthrough and New Beginnings

Catching Fireflies

a 7 Step Poetic Guide to Capturing Glimmers of Hope

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