Dynamic by Design

Sister, you are Dynamic by Design.

You were designed to think and invent and create.

Like a cogwheel, your mechanics are engineered to spin, rotate and transmit torque. You are fashioned to be a force that engages and encourages constant motion and power.

But, it’s not just you. We are all Dynamic by Design. We are all cogwheels. Cogwheels created to work together…to collectively achieve a desired outcome. And the teeth of our cogwheels are uniquely crafted to merge together at precise angles so they do not inhibit the movement of the others, but instead, propel them forward.

So why is it that so many women can’t seem to work together or celebrate the successes of another?

Let me ask you this…Are you or have you ever been the target of envious attacks from other women whenever you’ve allowed your greatness to shine? Do you feel or have you ever felt the negative energy of “haters” coming against you, bringing resistance in an effort to stop your cogwheels from spinning effectively?

Unfortunately, the answer for many of us is YES.

Herein lies the problem…the women who come against you–those sisters who rise up in opposition against the good you seek to accomplish–they are intimidated by your dynamism and fail to realize that they, too, are dynamic by design. They are so blinded by your greatness, they cannot see their own.

This dynamism, this dynamic force that is within us all, is our spirit. It is the powerful energy and life force that brings passion, fire and vitality to all that we do. It is the drive and magnetism that pushes and pulls us. It pushes us into our greatness and draws us toward our callings.

When the Holy Spirit–the wind and the breath of God–was blown into us, we became dynamic…filled with vital powers and strength (Job 33:4). Some women are fully capable of tapping into the Spirit of God that dwells within (1 John 4:4). While others have experienced pain and hardships that have stripped them of their spark and have crushed them in spirit (Psalm 34:18).

This is where bitterness creeps in. This is when they become ignorant to the fact that they, too, are cogwheels. And if they could simply focus on their own unique design and calling, while working with you on yours, so much more could be accomplished.

What do you do in this situation?

You bless them and move on. Lead by example. Continue to answer the calling on your life, and allow your light to shine. There is a work that needs to be done. And it cannot stop because some would rather focus on self versus becoming an integral part of a dynamic collective of women each showcasing their unique abilities for the shared purpose of affecting positive change in the world.

Then, there are those who recognize your dynamism, as well as their own, but somehow you still seem to clash. You recognize that you are both cogwheels capable of generating a dynamic force, but your teeth aren’t quite lining up. When two powers come together, you must be careful that they don’t collide and cancel one another out.

This is when discernment becomes critical. You must have the wisdom to recognize that the alignment of your cogwheels just needs a bit of adjusting. And once the alignment is achieved, you need to apply a special oil that will keep your cogwheels running smoothly. That adjustment and oil come in the form of Time and Communication.

At times, we can become so caught up in our own amazing dynamic that we forget that there are others who have greatness to contribute. That is when we practice effective communication while we give ourselves time to explore how our grooves line up…how our power compliments one another. That is when we set our personal agendas aside and realize that we are a part of a gorgeous, mechanical orchestra operating for the efficiency of God’s Kingdom and for the good of those around us.

As an artist, when I think of the imagery of being cogwheels designed by God to work, rotate and spin together, I can’t help but flashback to a drawing toy from my youth that I always requested but never received. You might remember it.

It was Spirograph.

I was amazed how these pencil and pen driven cogwheels could create such beautiful, elaborate designs.

I still am.

And I am equally amazed by the beauty of powerful women joining forces for a common goal.

God intends for us to work together…to combine the best of ourselves…to merge our divine spiritual gifts to create our own intricate masterpieces for the purpose of His kingdom and glory.

And it’s not that hard.

If we could just take a moment to realize and respect that we are all dynamic by design, what beautiful things we could create!

How do you blend your dynamic gifting with that of other women?

Please share in the comments below!

4 Responses

  1. This is so beautiful and so true. We are all blessed with such an authentic gift by God. Coming together and working together, only heightens and magnifies His will in our lives. Thank you so much for this beautiful insight. It jas teuly blessed me!

    • Thank you, Viva! And yes…heightens and magnifies! Such an accurate way of phrasing it! So many think their gifts will be hidden if they come together with others. But the opposite holds true, especially when it is done for His glory!

  2. Very well written. So true, God desires for us to work together and together we can accomplish far greater things than apart. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

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