Just Be Awesome!

Ask me my favorite color, and I won’t be able to give you an answer.

Correction…I’ll give you an answer, but then I’ll change it. And change it again, and again. And then I’ll conclude with the same thought that always seems to hit me like an epiphany, even though I’ve been through this same exchange time and time again…

“I just love all colors! I can’t choose!”

Don’t believe me? Just ask the young lady who does my nails. Selecting a polish color is a challenge. And even after I’ve chosen one, I want to change it, and change it again. Thankfully, she’s patient with me.

But, for me, this “I just love all colors! I can’t choose!” mentality goes beyond the pedicure bowl. It travels with me through life. Not intentionally. It’s just who I am. It’s the way I raise my children. It’s the way I treat others.

If I walk into a room and I see an ocean of colorful people, it makes me happy. Conversely, if I walk into a room and see all of the same, it troubles me. It makes me wonder if they welcome variety in their lives or if they willingly choose a life of exclusivity. For me, the latter is saddening. True happiness can’t exist without diversity. There’s just no fun in that.


I hate any form of racism, colorism, bigotry or prejudice. No matter what group of people it’s targeting. It disrupts my flow.

Recently, I’ve been especially sensitive to this madness as several of my children have been victims of  nasty, derogatory comments from others. It’s troublesome and heartbreaking.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a play with 2 friends. And because of all that has taken place with my kids recently, I couldn’t help but notice that we were one lovely, colorful display.

Me and My Girls

This is how my pool of friends looks. White, Brown, Black, Red, Yellow, Tan. It doesn’t matter. Why? Well, I already told you…“I just love all colors! I can’t choose!” Plus, why would I even want to?

Angie and I were talking about this at this very meal (She’s the cute blonde pictured above and remember, my kids were going through stuff, so that’s why it was a topic of conversation). And she said something I just loved:

I don’t care what color a person is. The only criteria to be my friend is to just be awesome!

Exactly! And this is why she is one of my closest and dearest friends…because she’s awesome!

As we were laughing and finishing up our meal, I looked up and was blown away at what I saw!

Three girls. One White and blonde. Another dark-haired and Latina. The third mixed-raced Black. The resemblance was startling! They were our mini-me’s!

We sneaked a photo of them talking and enjoying each other’s company. On the way out, Saritta (The sexy Latina pictured above) stopped at the girls’ table and pointed out the striking similarity. They were blown away and wanted to take pictures with us…a true testament to their awesomeness!

Our Mini Me's


I was amazed at what just happened and my faith in the beauty of a colorful world was restored.

When I look back on my life, it will be the friendships and relationships that I remember and cherish most. And therefore, I wish to create a life that is a “rich tapestry” woven together with threads of colorful, vibrant, awesome people. And I want the same for my children.

Just. Be. Awesome.



What criteria do you have for friendship? Please share in the comments below!

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