Letting It All Go and Breaking Free

I am an Inspiration Specialist. My job is to encourage and motivate women to step beyond the seen, explore their untapped potentials and embrace all the beauty that comes from pushing yourself into that uncomfortable place where the peace that comes with living on purpose resides.

But, I’m also human.

Recently, I’ve been feeling anxious.

There are three things I’m facing right now…

  1. I need to write the novel that has been on my heart and in my head for a very long time. The story is ready to be told. I’m holding it captive, and it’s screaming to be released.
  2. I need to secure a literary agent for the children’s book I’ve written. This book is just waiting to be published.
  3. I am in the Charleston production of Listen to Your Mother on Sunday, May 4th, 2014. Of course, there’s no turning back on this one, but it is still stirring up hidden emotions within me.

I’ve taken a close look at these 3 situations and I have identified one common element.

Each of these situations require me to be vulnerable and expose my truth, placing me in the direct line of fire for rejection, negativity, hurt and humiliation.

That scares me.

As opportunities for growth and advancement have emerged, so have my fears…some old, some new, but we know that the new are based on the old. So, it’s all the same, nonetheless.

But no matter when or where the fear stepped in, it’s time to Let it all go and break free.

There is power in Letting Go…triumph in release.

Let it all go, break free, and rise!
Let it all go, break free, and rise!

I have 8 children, but for some reason, I’ve been slow to jump on the Disney’s Frozen bandwagon. My kids had seen the movie several times before I finally sat down and watched it for the first time just a week ago.

I fell in love and IN CONNECTION with it.  And the song…it spoke to me. It spoke to me in every way I needed.

I got crazy and played it over and over and over. It’s silly, I know, yet so profound. When I listen to that song and allow the words to penetrate my heart, I can vividly see in my mind’s eye every obstacle that has ever held me back.

And a beautiful thing happens…

I am inspired. I become powerful and encouraged…encouraged to Let It Go…


to let go of  the fear

the pain

the rules

the captivity

the blame

the tears

the hurt and rejection

the past

the intimidation

the wounded little girl

the confusion and powerlessness

the facade

the lies

the assumed responsibility

the misconceptions

the burdens and identities of others

the care, the worry, the anger

the cage


How is it that we convince ourselves that amid all of that chaos lies our comfort zone? There is no safety in fear. There is no comfort in pain. So we should be able to walk away from that which holds us back with ease.

Today, I am Letting It All Go and Breaking Free…

I encourage you to do the same.


What will you Let Go of? What’s been holding you back? What will you release and Break Free from?

Please share in the comments below.


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