You Are What You Say You Are

Have you ever felt like a failure? Have you ever had those days when you felt completely paralyzed by a mistake or a setback? Have you ever been ready to give up on a dream because you thought you didn’t have the talent it took to succeed?

We’ve all had those ugly moments. Moments when we curl up and lick our wounds, throw a pity party and bathe in self-hate.

But what good does that do?

If this describes your current state of mind or if you experience these moments more often than not, then I want you to pay close attention to what I am about to say.

You are NOT defined by your mistakes or setbacks. You will make mistakes.

You will experience setbacks.

But here’s the key…

They do not dictate your future.

You are ONLY defined by how you handle these mistakes and failures.

The Sun will not always shine down upon you. It can’t. If it did, it would be toxic…You would become puffed up and haughty, disconnected with the reality of others, disconnected with the human condition. Inner growth would cease; your beauty would be burned, and your EGO would take over like a cancer.

This is why we have rain–to shower us with perspective, experience and wisdom–to quench our thirst for knowledge and understanding. For where there are hardships, there is growth.

The same holds true for the darkness. If we don’t stumble through periods of blackness, how will we ever find our inner light?

So how do we work through these moments of self-doubt?

By enduring the rain and pushing through the dark moments, knowing that You Are What You Say You Are, despite any setbacks or hardships.

Remain committed to your goals, even during the rocky times. Just keep going!

If you say you are a dancer, then dance! If you say you are a teacher, teach! If you say you are a painter, then paint! For example, I am a Writer, so today I will write. I am an Inspiration Specialist, so today I will inspire. It’s as simple as that. Do not lose sight. Whatever it is that you say you are, remain committed. Learn from the mistakes. Take time to assess and plan during the setbacks.

You Are What You Say You Are!

Believe that!


Stay focused and keep moving forward. And you will eventually see that you will have become an even better version of what you said you were all along.

Start right now! Please, tell me what you are in the comments below!

Author | Artist | Creator Through words and images, I craft stories of healing that help women understand the power of their voices and the strength of their wings so they can Believe, Become, and Birth Greatness!

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