Author | Artist | Creator Through words and images, I craft stories of healing that help women understand the power of their voices and the strength of their wings so they can Believe, Become, and Birth Greatness!

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    Love Your Voice!

    Butterfly, you are powerful. And the most vital key to understanding and unlocking that power is learning to Love Your Voice! I am a passionate encourager of Voice. Through my books, blogs, art, podcasts, and social media posts, I share rich messages designed to help you stand in your greatness. I guess you could say I’m a Voice Coach of sorts. Training you, equipping you, and cheering you on from the sidelines! Why do I do this? Why do I care if you Love Your Voice? I do it because, after many years of struggling with doubt and uncertainty, I have finally learned to love my own voice. I care…

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    5 Responsibilities of Voice

    Voice is powerful! And with that power comes many responsibilities. And in this moment, I’m feeling a responsibility to allow my voice in this blog post to be pulled in a slightly different direction than I had originally intended. As I am writing this piece, news of the passing of the legendary Cicely Tyson is sweeping across the globe. And I can’t possibly publish this without mentioning her. To call her legendary or iconic seems inadequate. Her Voice was a force. It was a gift to us all. And she executed that gift gracefully, masterfully, and purposefully. She was the embodiment of The Responsibility of Voice. As I consider the…