On Shedding Light & Seeing Self

Have the words or actions of another ever made you feel invisible and insignificant?

Has someone close to you ever minimized your talents and achievements, causing you to feel small and unimportant?

Have you ever wandered through life feeling as though you will never measure up…never be enough…never be seen…never be heard?


I have.


How we view ourselves is deeply rooted in the level of love, support and approval we received from the beginning. When encouragement, acceptance and recognition are absent, it wounds us. And it can oftentimes take more time to heal from those wounds than it did to create them.

Some never recover…while others only live partially fulfilled lives because they were never given the opportunity to actualize their true potential.

Others rise up…like a Phoenix from the ashes…and they light a blaze for all to see, providing warmth and light for those who are lost in the cold and darkness. And their light falls on the faces of the invisible ones, and they are finally seen…finally heard…finally enough.

If you have been wandering in a personal darkness, let me be your Phoenix today.



You are important.

You are significant.

Your quest is meant to be an adventure.

Adventures take us places.

They take us to the wild unknowns.

They are freeing.

They expose our passions and ignite our purposes.

They put us on a path of discovery.

They lead us to Greatness.

And leave us with the greatest riches: memories, wisdom and lessons.

Today, you are heard.

You are Enough.

I see you.

and I believe.

It’s your turn…

I’ve shed the light…now, See Yourself.


Has there ever been a time in your life when you were so beaten down by another’s lack of approval of you? How did you motivate or encourage yourself to continue? How did you learn to see yourself through eyes of truth and love?

Please share in the comments below. Your Voice has the potential to inspire many. 


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