#OnCourage is a blog series by Donloyn LeDuff Gadson designed to encourage women to choose courage over fear. This year long series aims to give a lovingly push to all women as they embark upon their personal Hero's Journey. Each post will framed as a call to action, a call to courage. Each month, a free printable will be provided that can serve as visual reminders to always choose courage.

  • #OnCourage

    The Courage to Love

    A hero’s journey requires courage. Having courage takes a strong heart. But what makes a heart strong? A well-balanced diet? Exercise? More sleep, less stress? Sure. All of these things make a strong heart…that is, if you’re speaking solely on the physical functions of the organ itself. My question pertains to the heart in the sense of your spiritual essence, the innermost part of you. What makes that heart strong? I’ll tell you. It’s the ability to give love and to receive love…the ability to love another and to be loved by another with no limitations, no restrictions and no expectations. The Courage to Love. The Courage to be Loved.…

  • #OnCourage

    The Courage to Begin, the Courage to Believe

    Last year, I did a few courageous things. I had a few memorable moments where I made the decision to move forward in bravery despite the fear that was hard pressed against me. Two moments, in particular, come to mind. Last January, I was asked to present and teach a writing workshop for girls at the Burke High School Teen Empowerment Conference. You can read about that experience HERE. That following May, I was privileged to be a part of Charleston, SC’s inaugural cast of Listen To Your Mother. You can see that performance HERE. Those were pivotal moments. Moments when I found the courage to believe in my gifting and made a conscious choice to begin something new.…