The Courage to Begin, the Courage to Believe

Last year, I did a few courageous things. I had a few memorable moments where I made the decision to move forward in bravery despite the fear that was hard pressed against me.

Two moments, in particular, come to mind.

Last January, I was asked to present and teach a writing workshop for girls at the Burke High School Teen Empowerment Conference. You can read about that experience HERE. That following May, I was privileged to be a part of Charleston, SC’s inaugural cast of Listen To Your Mother. You can see that performance HERE.

Those were pivotal moments. Moments when I found the courage to believe in my gifting and made a conscious choice to begin something new. In those moments, the fear was great, but the warrior in me proved greater.


But, there were also moments when I gave into the fear…moments when I couldn’t stomach the idea of being brave let alone demonstrating bravery. I clung to the security of my little comfort zone many times last year, and, as a result, there were missed opportunities that quickly transformed into regret.

One in particular…I regret not having auditioned for TEDx Charleston. One morning, I happened upon the information for the upcoming submission guidelines, and I felt an overwhelming urge to go for it. Later that afternoon, one of my dearest friends, who had no idea at the time that I was thinking of doing this, mentioned it to me and encouraged me to put something together. It was confirmation. But I chickened out. I let that opportunity slip by for no other reason than being afraid.

I had another significant experience with fear that seemed to paralyze me. Last summer, I began working on a book. It was initially intended to be more of a self-help, but it eerily shifted into a memoir. The story took me to places I haven’t been in a while, places that have been calling me. I was being called to an adventure, to my hero’s journey. But like the beginnings of all great heroes, fear overwhelmed me and I refused the call. I closed the Word document, my half-told story imprisoned on my hard drive.

Typically, my motto is if something scares me then that’s all the more reason to go after it.

But, for whatever reason, I haven’t remained true to that…not as much as I would like. Not as much as I should.

So here we are. A new year before us. It was my commitment to myself to set out on this fresh adventure with a more courageous spirit. To be braver. To accept the call. To believe that I am the hero and to begin to act accordingly. And so far, I have.

But something was missing…YOU!

I want to invite you along. I want you to be braver. I want you to be valiant. I want you to be courageous. I want you set out on your own hero’s journey. This year, I want us both to choose courage over fear.

I’ve decided to do a blog series entitled #OnCourage.

Each month, I will publish a special post designed to inspire the hero in you. It will be a call to action…a call to courage. Included in each post will be a free printable (for your personal/home use only).#OnCourage: January

Just print it out, frame it…whatever you like! Let it be your mantra for the month. Allow it to inspire you. Click on the preview to download.—>

I know what you’re thinking…

Donloyn, it’s January 29th! The month is almost over!

Well, that’s okay! Because all this month requires is one moment…one choice. You don’t need 30 days. In fact, the less time you have, the better. That way, you can’t talk yourself out of anything.

So here it is…

This month, I want you to have the Courage to Begin.

What is it you’ve been putting off because you’re too afraid? What dream have you not brought to fruition? What plans have you mapped out, yet not executed?

Today is the day. Show yourself you have the Courage to Begin.

Pick one thing, and just Begin!

But listen…in order to Begin, you must first Believe.

Do you have the Courage to Believe? To Believe in yourself? To Believe in your talents? Your abilities? Your gifting?

Choose to Believe. Choose to Begin.

Here’s a secret: The courage to both begin and believe go hand-in-hand. If you find you are lacking the courage to believe in yourself, then just begin, anyway. As you begin, and begin again, you will start to believe in yourself more and more. And the more you believe in yourself, the more you will have the courage to begin.

Do it. Choose. Find the courage. Believe. Begin…begin today!


What will you find the Courage to Begin? Encourage others by sharing in the comments below.

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