The Courage to Love

A hero’s journey requires courage. Having courage takes a strong heart.

But what makes a heart strong?

A well-balanced diet? Exercise? More sleep, less stress? Sure. All of these things make a strong heart…that is, if you’re speaking solely on the physical functions of the organ itself.

My question pertains to the heart in the sense of your spiritual essence, the innermost part of you. What makes that heart strong?

I’ll tell you. It’s the ability to give love and to receive love…the ability to love another and to be loved by another with no limitations, no restrictions and no expectations.

The Courage to Love. The Courage to be Loved.

THAT is what makes a strong heart.


Sadly, our world is lacking strong hearts.

With daily reports of wars, conflicts, murders, suicides, bullying, hatred, division and suffering, it is evident that our world needs more love. So many are inclined to turn their backs on God, tear down the complete existence of another and even speak hate and negativity over their own selves.

What would happen if we got into the habit of practicing love everyday?

How immensely could our world be changed if we could only find The Courage to Love…The Courage to be Loved?

The fear of vulnerability is what prevents us from finding this treasure. Our flawed minds convince us that vulnerability exposes us to harsh judgments, hurts, disappointments, rejection and pain. This causes us to bury our hearts so deeply that not only do we fail to love others, but also we struggle to love ourselves. If our hearts are too buried to give love, then they surely won’t be able to receive it.

Having the courage to face vulnerability and to allow love to take control is indeed the greatest of all gifts and marks the strongest of all hearts. When we allow our hearts to be filled with love, courage and strength will follow.


Psalms 31:24

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.


The Courage to Love is the second post in the #OnCourage series.

How will you demonstrate The Courage to Love? The Courage to be Loved? How can The Courage to Love assist you on your hero’s journey? Please inspire others by sharing in the comments below.

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