The Strange Freedom in Voice

Sharing your voice is liberating. There is an indescribable exhilaration that comes from self expression. But there is also a strange twist to this freedom.

A writer’s voice is shaped by her life experience. Everything she writes has some connection to an actual event or emotion. In writing, sometimes the painful world of reality is brilliantly fused with the controllable world of fiction to shield and protect the author from confrontation…

confrontation of self,

confrontation of fears,

confrontation of hurt,

confrontation from others.

When the fictional world has secret ties to the author’s reality, the author is able to share private truths while avoiding complete vulnerability, thus guarding her heart from any further hurt, disappointment, rejection or shame.

This approach is fear-based; however, much of what a writer shares in the fictional realm can be linked back to a fear. As saddening as this may initially sound, it is actually quite positive, as it is both healing and emancipating. The writer is able to tackle real-life issues by exacting control over invented characters, times and places.

It’s therapeutic.

And through this made up world, carefully accessorized with truth, lessons are learned.

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry or memoirs…no matter your style of writing, there is freedom in voice.

There is a truth in fiction that is strangely liberating...the beauty of Voice
There is a truth in fiction that is strangely liberating…the beauty of Voice

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  1. I love the spin you put on this. Its so much of the truth. It definitely is therapeutic…a release of negative energy that you don’t want to have communication about, but it needs to get out in some shape, form or fashion.

    Well-written. Thank you for your voice.

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