Love Your Voice!

Butterfly, you are powerful. And the most vital key to understanding and unlocking that power is learning[…]

5 Responsibilities of Voice

Voice is powerful! And with that power comes many responsibilities. And in this moment, I’m feeling a[…]

Reaching Out: Why is it so hard?

Reaching out for help is hard. Ask me how I know. Three days… That’s how long it[…]

An Invitation

“It’s just an invitation…” These words pressed deeply into my spirit earlier today as I reflected upon[…]

I am a Healer!

“I recently had an amazing revelation. I am a healer. My voice, my identity, my calling…All are deeply[…]

The Birth of a New Book

Now that I have released my second title, I have found that the birth of a new[…]

Dynamic by Design

Sister, you are Dynamic by Design. You were designed to think and invent and create. Like a[…]

COVER REVEAL on Lowcountry Live: The Belief in Wings

Yesterday, I was blessed to be a guest on Lowcountry Live, where I not only shared tips to help moms[…]

The Giver

This post was originally published on one of my older blogs in December of 2013 at ~[…]

Thank you Writer’s Block. I appreciate you.

Thank you Writer’s Block. I appreciate you. I can’t believe I just typed those words. But they’re[…]